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CH Ocalicos Bonaparte Of Majestymeow

               Sire: Stunning Eye King-Of-Swans

               Dam: GC Moon Charm Angelina

               10 Best Kitten

                1st place Best Breed

                2 nd Place Best Breed

                1 st Place Color Division

                Champion ,Grand Pointed 2016




      Red/White Tabby Van

        Sire: Bastatpalace Golucky

        Dam: Starlite

     1st Place Best Breed

 1 st Place Best Of Color division

 2 nd Place best Breed

Champion, Grand Pointed 2016








Caprice Monseigneur Of Majestymeow

20160220_San Gabriel Valley Cat Fanciers
20160220_San Gabriel Valley Cat Fanciers

Di-Saronno's Sultan Of Majestymeow

Sire: GC Barmont Poetry Man Of Cateran

Dam: GC Di-Saronno's Twinklemylights



Champion 2016  Grand pointed

3 th Best Champion

6 th Best Cat

10 Best Cat

Best Longair Champion

Black /White 

Sire: CH Wuv Paws Marselle Lorette

Dam: CH Katzeye Chanel Mademoiselle

 Majestymeow Banifaziy

D'eden Lover Timoteo

 Starbabies Rhamzan

Of Majestymeow

Sire: Dclass Ralph Lauren

Dam: GC,RW Starbabies Nika


Ocalicos Bany Of Majestymeow

Sire:Stunning Eye King-Of-Swans

Dam:CH Ocalicos Sera


Starbabies Emin Exotic SH

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 12.12.03 AM.png

Majestymeow Sunny

Sire Ocalicos Bounce 

Dame Starbabies Lisa

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