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                      Nutrition, Feeding and Care


Natalya Arvatz

Life’s Abundance Independent Field Representative


                                Kitten feeding:


        Your Persian kitten will need to be fed a premium

dry cat food throughout her or his lifetime. Persians can't eat everyday the cat food from the grocery store because they contain high amounts of ash and do not contain enough protein or fat to support Persian's dietary needs. They will develop serious health problems such as kidney disease that will end up costing countless dollars at the vet's office.

        Spend your money on high quality dry food from the start. Replace the food if it hasn't been eaten every day. The food will get stale and will absorb moisture from the air. Give your kitten fresh water in a clean bowl every day.

We use special Water bawls for persians called BEEHIVE PLATES because they have a flat face. They will not get messy and you can buy these plates from


       If you have a dog that eats your cat's food you can set your cat food up on the counter so they can get to it all the time. Your cat can't eat dog's food. If your kitten is eating a dry food every day as a mainstay they may be offered canned food for breakfast and dinner. Canned food should be fed as a secondary treat if proper amounts of the dry food are being consumed. The dry food will keep your kitten's digestive system on a normal track with healthy stools.

              Vitamins and supplements:

        We give all our kitties BIO COAT powder

        and Kitty Bloom-vitamin-mineral.

       Just sprinkle on the top of a dry or wet food.




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The Guzzler

The guzzler automatically fills a "mound" style watering dish.

The "Beehive" water bowl is uniquely shaped - your pet can easily take a drink, but only their tongue can fit in the bowl keeping their fur dry and clean. 

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