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This is Tiffany. I drove down for Fabian during the summer. I just want to say that he brings me absolute joy and smiles every day. He is my little shadow. He is always next to me in the house... at my feet while I am in a chair or next to me in couch or bed. He is quite the little protector but then has his "I am just a baby" moments that are completely adorable. I just love his personality and mannerisms. He is so gentle and easy going...even when playing. He is excellent at communicating his needs and has such a happy go lucky disposition. You have done a wonderful job with him. He is beyond spoiled here and showered with tons of love and affection. He loves his toys and his play tunnel and his perch in the window where he often lays and watches for us to come home. He has a fabulous brother (a silver persian male who is 6 and who's human died) and they get along fabulously rolling and tumbling through the house (Rupert grooms Fabian). They are not competitive or jealous of one another at all. Everyone gets plenty of food and we have many feedings per day haha. Anyway, Fabian is at my feet napping currently. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing with the Persians and Exotics. And of course how thankful I am to have found you and our precious Fabian.

Natasha, I just wanted you to know how in LOVE we are with our kitty. She is perfect in every way and has already brought us so much joy. Thank you again.


Hi how are you?  Our kitties are doing amazing we love them so much and we were wondering if Oscar was available? We wanted one more of your kitties because they are so loving, kind and just a joy to have. Let me know!

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