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Spaying & Neutering



       There are many benefits and reasons to alter your new furry family member. The following is an outline of wonderful benefits for both you and your new kitten. 

       Your female kitten will live a longer, healthier life. By spaying your kitten you are preventing against uterine infection and breast cancer. By neutering your male kitten you are not only helping prevent unwanted litters of kittens, but also helping prevent testicular cancer. When female comes into heat, they can howl and urinate more frequently, but by spaying your female early, she will never nave a heat cycle and won't display these negative behaviors. Males who go unaltered can be quite persistent in finding a mate, leading the possibility that they may attempt to go outside despite your best efforts. 

         Roaming the stress can be very dangerous to the Persian as they very docile and have no street smarts or instincts to keep them out of harms way. Altering your male early will help him focus on his new family and environment instead of worrying about marking his territory and ruining your new furniture, carpet, comforter, etc. This over all makes for a happier, more easy going male kitten by altering your new kitten you are helping the environment, which has  a large population of stray cats. Please alter your kitten to fight against adding to the population of unwanted, unloved felines. Simply stated, it is the right thing to do. You will save money in the long run. If your cat accidentally reproduces, the cost and time spent caring for a new litter of kittens is tremendous. It is much simpler and cheaper to alter your furry feline friend. The sooner your kitten is altered the better. The younger they are the quicker they heal, also the less likely they are going to remember the procedure. Kittens must be 12 weeks old and two pounds prior to being altered.

Persian Kittens should be around 6 months before altering them, because of there breathing structure,(Flat Faces).

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