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Terms and Conditions







By purchasing/placing money on a kitten, you the buyer understand that no refunds will

 be given, if you change your mind. 


 Placing a security deposit is the


I will not hold a kitten with out deposit.

Kittens will not be held on verbal promise.

To reserve a kitten - deposit is half down

The kittens will not go to their new home

until they are 10-12 weeks old.

We accept ,,Venmo'', Zelle" ,Cash , Bank Wire,


We do not accept Personal checks, but we can except 

them only for down payments.



All deposits are taken in good faith and are


 unless we refuse or cancel the sale.*

or in the case of kitten's death*

Please feel free to send us an email or call us directly,

we will be more than happy to 

assist you in finding the kitten of your dream!


Before you enquire a kitten from us, please,


If you know enough about Persian breed.

if you can be a good Parent for your new kitten.

Can you give a happy life to your new kitten?

Do you know that Persian required special grooming?

Persian are very high maintenance breed.


If you have another cat in your house,

it can be a problem for you, or for your cat,

or for your new kitten??!!


Emails with sparse information or inquiries

about pricing information will not be responded to. 

You come to us wishing to own one of our beautiful kittens, please be prepared  to put forth

 maximum effort when contacting us. 

Pricing information and updated photographs

can be found on our website.



*We reserve the right to refuse sale.

Rude, demanding, hateful, or disrespectful parties

need not apply for one of our kittens.

Should WE decided at any time to cancel a kitten sale, 100% refund of all money paid

 will be refunded  to the buyer within 30 days

from the time of cancellation.*




We do not offer phone pictures or "quick pic''

under any condition.

Our website photos are always current

and will only be updated if a kitten has 

changed significantly

since the original photos were taken.

*Price are subject to change without  notice.

The only way to lock in the current price

is by placing a deposit or paying in full.*

For those of you wondering

''Why'' are some of the kittens marked so high?

That is because  those are the ones we are most

willing to keep back for future 

breeders, if they do not bring their asking price.




Our kittens are priced on three contributing factors:

1) Rarity of the coat Color

2) Facial structure

3) Our willingness to keep them back as future breeder.

4) Gender


Our KITTEN's prices start at $800 and go up from there, 

Every once in a while we may have kittens for $600-700, it all depends on the factors above.


For those of you who search for ''Cheap Persian Kittens''

we suggest you try your local

 humane society or animal shelter.

Raising top quality kittens is not cheap.



We do not cut corners on high-grade food, vaccinations,

abundant living quarters, outstanding veterinarian care, grooming essentials, plentiful toys & exercise equipment and numerous other items.



While we are sure that you can find

''CHEAPER '' kittens on the internet,

we are confident, you will not find higher quality ones. 

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